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What is
Heritage education?
What is heritage? Why heritage education?


Good Practices

We have collected a set of 34 examples of good practices for your inspiration!

Recently, heritage in all its forms has received a lot of attention across Europe and both primary and secondary education have used it in developing many fascinating outcomes. This is because heritage lends itself very well to new pedagogical approaches, such as cross-curricular collaboration and project work.

Untill recently, no new training manual full of concrete materials and examples of good practice had been written. HEREDUC has tried to fill this gap.

HEREDUC refers to HERitage EDUCation and the project is part of the Comenius 2.1 scheme, working within the Socrates programme of the European Union. The project has developed a guidebook for teachers wich you can download from this site. The guidebook contains approaches to heritage in Europe and concentrates on how teachers might integrate heritage education in lessons, in primary as well as secondary schools. The text is written with practical application in mind. 

This website also offers a database containing 34 inspiring practical examples from five European countries.

The website and the guidebook will be used in Comenius in-service training courses, which the project coordinator will organise regularly at several European locations, alternating in focus between primary and secondary education.  These out-of-school activities will be announced via the website. 



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